Saturday, September 20, 2008

Scary Halloween Resin Pendants

I've been making resin jewelry again like crazy because I found this vendor at a bead show in Tacoma that had all these great little beads perfect for embedding. When I picked up the little devil heads, I thought they were kind of spooky cute. But after I made the pendants, they are seriously creeping me out. See for yourself:

Not so cute anymore. The gold one in particular disturbs me, I think because his head is tilted just so, like he just turned to look at you. I put them up for sell on my etsy store in case someone else likes this kind of devil-staring-at-you feeling.

Here are some other Halloween-y pendants I made. If you want to make some and can't find little figures or beads, try making some out of polymer clay. It wouldn't be that hard to get a good bat, ghost or pumpkin head. See my polymer clay lollipop blog for instructions.